Main demography indicators - Methodology

Most important  expressions in demography:

Demography  -  (démos - people; graphé – describe )  is social study on population.
Demography researches and studies legalities and regularity in biological and migration movement of population, changes in demographic structures (biological, social economical and intellectual)
Studies what kinds are those legalities, their acting related to quantities an quality and determine mutual relations of movement of population with other social and economic situations.

General birth rate - annual number of live born on thousands of population in the middle of year.
Since it depends from total number of population general birth rate is more measure of population increase than measure of level of birth.

General mortality rate -annual number of dead on 1000 inhabitants.

Expected duration of life - number of years that individual of certain age can expect to live having in mind actual level of death rate according to the age.


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